7 Effortless Ways To Boost Your Energy

The past two years have been tumultuous ones. Predictably unpredictable. So, as we venture into 2022, how do we keep grounded and how do we allow ourselves to flow with the waves of change?

To understand how to clear our energy, we first need to understand the concept of energy, and how it impacts us.

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Hope Within the Heartbreak

Empowering anyone to join the call for peace. Everyone, everywhere, should have an unequivocal right to peace, safety and freedom.

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Maison Coucou Peace World


8 Friends-Approved Spring Bags

There’s a certain romance to swinging a bag from boutique to bistro on a sunny day. Now that our social calendars are starting to fill up again, we’re in the market for bags to bring out with us, from the fun to the functional. We asked eight of my friends to share what they’re carrying and why.

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