Written by Andreea-Marilena Dudas, Creative Director

The Official Maison Coucou Valentine Gift Guide for Him. 

 It's cupid's favorite holiday, so lean into all the sticky sweet paraphernalia Valentine's Day has to offer. Let "The Love Story" begin.

 Below, the best Valentine’s Day gifts to buy for your beloved.


Man of Nature

 Maison Coucou Maison Numen DARK WOOD COCKTAIL STICKS BOXTaller Quiga, Handmade dark wood Cocktail box, Maison Numen, € 59

Maison Coucou Maison Numen WEAVED PATTERN WOOD BOX
Taller Quiga,
Handmade Weaved Pattern Wood Box, Maison Numen, € 150


Ocean of Emotion 

Maison Coucou Same Los Angeles 5" SWIM TRUNKS (SAFARI)
Same Los Angeles, 5" Swim Trunks (Safari), € 222,95

Maison Coucou Same Los Angeles 5" SWIM TRUNKS (BLACK)
Same Los Angeles,
5" Swim Trunks (Black), € 177, 95

Maison Coucou Same Los Angeles 5" Swim Trunks (Black Striped)
Same Los Angeles,
5" Swim Trunks (Black Striped), €222,95

Los Angeles,
Yacht Club Sweatshirt (Midnight Navy), € 102,95


The Love of Meat (and Fish)

Perfect for cooking, crafting, and everything in between, a proper apron is the piece that your man, boyfriend or lover doesn’t know he’s missing. 

Maison Coucou Maison Numen Crafted Leather and Lifestyle Vintage Gray Leather ApronCrafted Leather & Lifestyle, Vintage Gray Leather Apron, Maison Numen, € 110 

Maison Coucou maison Numen Crafted Leather & lifestyle vintage gray leather apron
Crafted Leather & Lifestyle,
Vintage SAND Leather Apron, Maison Numen, € 110

Romantic Evenings 

If getting your husband, man or lover to invest in romantic evenings is a struggle, make things super simple for him. Humanrace comes from known that sharing love is the drive of life. The line’s main focus is to feel home and protect through a regimen anyone can follow.

Maison Coucou Maison Numen Muna Home Alternanza wool pillow coverMuna Home, Alternanza Wool Pillow Cover, Maison Numen, € 75 

Maison Coucou Maison Numen Q de bouteilles Wine bottle convertible ride candle
Q de Bouteilles,
Wine Bottle Convertible Ride Candle, Maison Numen, €38

 Maison Coucou Maison Numen GRAY WOOL THROW Colorindio
Colorindio, Gray Wool Throw, Maison Numen, € 250

Maison Coucou Hoomie The Brown Villa
The Brown Villa, € 135



Wine, Wine, Wine

Fragrance and wine has the power to solidify memories and for husband, man or lover. Psychological studies show that our memories of scents peak around age 5, and those of us with strong scent memories know how comforting and vivid they can be. Helping him find his new scent with a fragrance flight is a great gift.  

Maison Coucou Maison Numen

Bontempo, Ceramic Wine Stand with Cork Stopper, Maison Numen, € 45 

Maison Coucou Maison Numen IVV Sommelier Clear Wine Decanter
Sommelier Clear Wine Decanter, Maison Numen, € 101

Maison Coucou Maison Numen NATURAL WOOL THROW Colorindio
Colorindio, Natural Wool Throw, Maison Numen, € 250

Maison Coucou Maison Numen Q de bouteilles wine bottle wild mood candle
Q de Bouteilles,
Wine Bottle Wild Mood, Maison Numen, € 38

Love for Food

Maison Coucou Maison Numen

Mexican Artisans, Volcanic Stone Plate, Maison Numen, € 69

Maison Coucou Maison Numen Imolarte White Italian Pottery Spaghetti Bowl Set
White Italian Pottery Spaghetti Bowl Set, Maison Numen, € 261


Man to The Cave

Maison Coucou maison Numen Vanessa Mitrani Whiskey Glass ball SetVanessa Mitrani, Whiskey Glass Ball Set, Maison Numen, € 289

 Maison Coucou Maison Numen IVV Clear and Gold Whisjey Glass Set
IVV, Clear and Gold Whiskey Glass Set, Maison Numen, € 169