Maison Coucou´s ambition is to become one of the top 1% most sustainable fashion brands in the world. We believe in 100% transparency and traceability to create a more sustainable fashion industry. That's why we tell you what country and factory this product has been made in. We'll add the impact of materials and production from this specific product too. We want to share with you how and where our products are made so you can make conscious choices that are better for the environment.


The Composition of BLUE Jean Bikini is 100% is made of 78% Polyester, 22% Elastane. Lining: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane.

  Polyester Polyester is one of the most commonly used fibers and has good durability. The fiber is based on oil. Unlike cotton, polyester production uses limited amounts of water, but is instead dependent on chemicals. At Maison Coucou, our goal is to use more sustainable materials for 100% of our products by 2025. Therefore, we're continuously increasing our share of recycled polyester. The fashion industry at large is also exploring ways of recycling old garments into new fibers and fabrics at industrial scale. This would enable circulating polyester fibers to a much greater extent in the future. As a customer, your role is vital in making this a reality. Always recycle clothes that are too worn out to donate, alter or mend.   Elastane Elastane is a commonly used fiber that makes the fabric elastic. It is based on oil. At Maison Coucou, our goal is to use more sustainable materials for 100% of our products by 2025. Using recycled or and other alternatives will be important in our journey. The fashion industry is also investigating a bio-based elastane.   In 2021, 63% of all Maison Coucou products were made in more sustainable materials and produced in a more sustainable way. We will not rest until that number is 100%. We'll always make sure Maison Coucou is a front-runner in terms of sustainability.  
  This product has been made in one of the following countries:
  • Portugal

All our products are made by independent suppliers. They must all sign our Supplier Code of Conduct, including requirements for good working conditions, fair wages and decent working hours. We also require our supplier to perform social audits and continuously improve their working conditions.

For our more sustainable choices, the products are made from certified, more sustainable materials, which means that they are better than those containing conventional materials. Products labelled "More Sustainable" on our website, are also created in factories that participate in our Environmental Performance Improvement Program, using the Higg Index.

And we will continue to push for progress. Going forward, we aim for all Maison Coucou Reborn products to be made with new innovative materials or production techniques - such as recycled fishing nets and non-chemical fabric dyes using fruits and vegetables.

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