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Written by Andreea-Marilena Dudas, Creative Director and Founder of Maison Coucou

Every summer, familiar prints like stripes, florals, and fruit prints always dominate streetwear and clothing racks - but this year, we're seeing a renewed take on the lively classics. 


1. Watercolor Flare

Maison Coucou Fashion
Pictured (something similar): Amdbags Previous Collection 2021  , Pastel (something similar) Yellow Dress


In the words of Leslie Knope on Gal-entine's Day, “You shut your mouth, you have all the strengths.” If February 14th is just another day or God help us, a cursed one filled with traumatic flash backs, plan a first of many 'girl's night'! The key on girl's night is to look sexy as all hell for no one but yourself. If you're in need of a serious confidence boost - roll up to the first recurring dinner (or brunch) date in a matching trouser-blazer set with a sparkling bralette underneath. It's daring, beautiful, confident - just like you. 



2. Business-Romantic

Maison Coucou Fashion Givenchy Daphnis and ChloePictured: Top Givenchy (something similar) Daphnis & Chloé, Amdbags, Maison Coucou, Blue Murphy Handbag, Elisabetta Franchi (something similar) White Palazzo Trousers


Is business romantic a thing? Anyway, whether you love or hate Valentine's Day, that shouldn't dictate who gets to rock the boldest color known to us. The classic pink lips? Yes. How about a White Palazzo Trouser combined with a Givenchy Top?  Even better. 


3. Brunch-Love

You didn't think I'd leave out brunch-style, did you? My suggestion is if you have never done so before, take yourself out on a brunch date. You deserve it and you don't need anyone on your arm in order to drink champagne at 10:00 AM with a side of one-of-everything.

The reason I'm so hyped up on brunch this year is because people are finally accepting that casual brunch is a thing! In downtown Bruges and probably every other city on earth, women are showing up to Sunday brunch in cocktail dresses and heels. All the power to you if your ankles can handle High Heels before noon, but in the spirit of the lingering working-from-home vibes, style your hash browns with ath-leisure. That's right, no need to change out of your casual jeans, ladies. 

 Maison Coucou Fashion Zara Off Paris Burberry Magda ButrymPictured: Zara (something similar) Black Heels, 1/OFF Paris, Cropped Burberry Trench, Daphnis and Chloé,  Magda Butrym , Totness denim pants in blackDaphnis and Chloé


4. Night-in, Night-Out

Say you have a date with that cheeky merlot on your counter and watching Notting Hill for the thirtieth time, and you get the Bat signal from one of your friends: come out. No need to panic. What you need is an action plan. If you're already in you silk pajama set - why bother changing? It's time to accessorize. Add strappy heels, layered chunky jewelry, and a clutch or bag that matches your 'sleepwear' suit. Because sleepwear is also street-wear if you style it correctly. 


Maison Coucou Fashion Mimi Liberté Magda Butrym

Pictured: Zara (something similar) Black Heels, Mimi Liberté ,Black Royal Two Pieces, Daphnis and Chloé, Magda Butrym, Black Belt, Daphnis and Chloé

5. Actual Art Date

If you find yourself asked on a legitimate first date this year - take it as an opportunity to go full throttle in the style department. Seriously, when is the last time you put a Couture dress to go watch art as a date? Use this as an excuse to try new things and dress to impress yourself. 

Maison Coucou Givenchy Art Jan muller art Pictured: Givenchy - Daphnis and Chloé, Courting, Ferdinand de Braekeleer, Antwerp 1792-1883, Jan Muller Art Gallery Ghent 


6. Red-Themed Party 

Are you so deprived of social interaction that your friend group will use literally any 'holiday' to host a themed event? If so, you're in need of color-coordinated outfits that fit the day. Valentine's Day is all pinks, reds, and whites; but try patterns this year. This is an easy way to stand out in a sea of heart-colored lovers with red skirts and pink tops.

Maison Coucou Fashion Zimmerman Mania-K

Pictured: Zimmerman, Wide Leg Pant, Zimmerman, Billow Blouse Stripes, Saint Laurent , Saint Laurent Tribiute Glory, Mania-k