Welcome to the personal habits of the founder of MAISON COUCOU, Andreea-Marilena Dudas. 


At Maison Coucou, we uplift and nurture people every day through working with powerful products that are giving positive benefits for your body, mind, soul and environment. 


At MAISON COUCOU, we believe a healthy body, mind, soul and environment is the most beautiful a person can have. Andreea-Marilena founded MAISON COUCOU on the principle of making a difference to people’s life and their confidence in a healthy way. We use local supplier around the world and we do a personal control check for one simple reason—because our body, mind and soul are our largest organs and what you put on and in soaks in.

MAISON COUCOU launched in 2020 in Andreea’s home country of Belgium. In 2021, MAISON COUCOU began its global expansion by launching in Europe with Vogue UKCondé Nast Britain, Shoefever DK,.... Today, we are shipping over 50 countries world wide.

MAISON COUCOU selects their products for the highest quality and integrity. 
We love what we have selected and created and we’re excited for you to experience our products.
Maison Coucou is sharing good vibes, positive values, happiness…. 
 We carry love with our products wherever we go.
Andreea Dudas
Founder & CEO